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COPELABS Dspace is an open access scientific repository for all of the work developed by COPELABS members. Works that are submitted to this repository follow an open access policy, created to maximize the reach and impact of the work developed in COPELABS. Such policy requires the authors to provide a pre-print pdf version of the work to be submitted or an open access publisher version when a submission is requested to

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Recently Added

  • Silva, Daniel; Sofia, Rute C.
    inProc. of : D. Silva, R. Sofia. Improving IoT Data Transmission via Context-aware Edge Based Mechanisms. NetSys2019 PhD Forum poster. March 2019, Munich, Germany. (NetSys 2019 PhD Forum, 2019-03)
  • Soares, José; Silva, Daniel; Carvalho, Liliana I.; Sofia, Rute C.
    inProc. of : J. Soares, D. Silva, L. Carvalho, R. C. Sofia. Internet of Things Networking Architectures, Handling New Internet Edges. Encontro Ciência 2019, July 9th 2019. Talk.. (Encontro Ciência 2019, 2019-07-09)
  • Carvalho, Liliana I.; Sofia, Rute C.
    inProc. of : Liliana Inocêncio Carvalho, Rute Sofia, 2018, Leveraging Pervasive Sensing Platforms via Distributed Edge Computing. DCE 2019, June 2019, Porto.. (DCE 2019 - 3rd Doctoral Programme in Informatics, Symposium on Informatics Engineering, 2019-06)
    This PhD thesis is focused on the reduction of end-to-end latency and energy consumption reduction in large-scale sensing environments via the development of mechanisms that can: i) leverage networking architectures so ...
  • Aponte, Omar; Sofia, Rute C.
    inProc. of : O. Aponte, R. C. Sofia, Mobility Management Optimization via Inference of Roaming Behavior. UNDER SUBMISSION (June 2019). (UNDER SUBMISSION, 2019-06)
  • Sofia, Rute C.
    inProc. of : R. C. Sofia, Guidelines Towards Information-driven Mobility Management. Future Internet 2019, 11(5), 111; (Future Internet 2019, 11(5), 111;, 2019-05)
    The architectural semantics of Information-Centric Networking bring in interesting features in regards to mobility management: Information-Centric Networking is content-oriented, connection-less, and receiver-driven. Despite ...

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