Show simple item record Firdose, S. Amaral Lopes, Luis Moreira, Waldir Sofia, Rute C. Mendes, Paulo 2016-10-27T22:10:24Z 2016-10-27T22:10:24Z Jan 2016
dc.identifier.citation COPE-SITI-SW-16-02
dc.description.abstract The NSENSE beta version is out! NSENSE aims at better understanding the physical and social context of the users. In the beta version application provides some context data in non-intrusive way, and the data (not personal) are stored only on the device, not being sent to the Cloud. This application is a product of the CitySense project which exploits its capabilities to stimulate social behaviour, encourage cooperation among users and provide trustable means for user interaction.
dc.title NSense v1.0

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