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Oi!: An Opportunistic Data Transmission Tool based on Social-Aware Routing, version 1.0

Show simple item record Routray, R. Moreira, Waldir Sofia, Rute C. Mendes, Paulo 2016-10-27T22:10:26Z 2016-10-27T22:10:26Z 2015
dc.identifier.citation COPE-SW-15-04
dc.description.abstract Abstract--- As technology becomes more pervasive, low-cost sensing devices, such as smartphones, are carried around by a large number of people, thus giving rise to explore new ways of communication. For instance, up until recently, the network always required an end-to-end path. Today, it is feasible to consider simple models for direct communication via wireless technology (e.g., Bluetooth, Wi-Fi direct) and thus bypass in several scenarios the need to an always-on end-to-end path. Nevertheless, the paradigms that support thisopportunistic communication are still built on an end-to-end design and data transmission algorithms applied in this way of communicating do not take into consideration the capability that the technology has to directly transmit data. While technology allows is starting to allow for such direct communication to occur, networking architectures are still being designed in a way that does not consider notions such as proximity of devices, where proximity relates with behavior affinity (social interaction models) concerning the people that carry such devices to transmit data. In such context, we contribute with an application, Oi!, that relies on social-aware interaction to exchange data directly between devices, not requiring Oi! is an application that takes advantage of social interaction among devices to exchange data, not requiring an always on Internet access.
dc.title Oi!: An Opportunistic Data Transmission Tool based on Social-Aware Routing, version 1.0

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