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  • Lopes, Luis Amaral; Sofia, Rute C.; Mendes, Paulo; Moreira, Waldir
    inProc. of : inproc. IEEE Infocom 2016. (IEEE, 2016)
  • Jamal, T.; Mendes, Paulo; Z{\'{u}}quete, A.
    inProc. of : IFIP NMTS. (-, 2012)
  • Moreira, Waldir; Mendes, Paulo; Sargento, S.
    inProc. of : -. (-, 2012)
    Opportunistic routing is being investigated to enable the proliferation of low-cost wireless applications. A recent trend is looking at social structures, inferred from the social nature of human mobility, to bring messages ...
  • Faísca, J.; Rogado, J.
    inProc. of : IEEE 17th International Symposium, "A World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks" (WoWMoM), PhD Forum. (2016-06)
    The personal cloud, a virtual compute instance controlled by an individual, is becoming inevitable. We believe that the current interoperability and communications evolution will drive the adoption of personal clouds. In ...
  • Oliveira, I.; Guimarães, N.
    inProc. of : SouthCHI 2013, International Conference on Human Factors in Computing. (-, May 2013)
    This paper discusses opportunities and feasibility of integrating neurophysiologic analysis methods, based on electroencephalography (EEG), in the current landscape of usability evaluation methods. The rapid evolution and ...
  • Morais, D.; Saraiva, T.; Gamito, P.; Oliveira, J.; Santos, N.; Baptista, A.; Correia, A.
    inProc. of : VRIC’09 –Laval Virtual – Book of Proceedings of the 11th Virtual Reality International Conference. Laval. (-, 2009)
  • Moreira Jr, Waldir; Oliveira Jr, Antonio; Batista, A. M.
    inProc. of : inProc. of the 15th International Conference onAd-hoc, Mobile, and Wireless Networks, Volume 9724 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 169-183. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-40509-4_12. (2016-07)
  • Chama, N.; Sofia, Rute C.
    inProc. of : IEEE GLOBECOM SWN 2010 Workshop. (-, 2010)
    This paper is focused on a discussion of parameters and heuristics that are expected to assist multihop routing in becoming more sensitive to node mobility. We provide a discussion concerning existing and a few proposed ...
  • Jamal, T.; Mendes, Paulo
    inProc. of : IEEE WiMob Workshop on Cooperative Mobile Protocols and Application 2010. (-, 2010)
    Wireless networks are characterized by having limited resources accessed by a large number of mobile stations with distinct capabilities. In such challenged environment the dynamic control of resources is of major importance ...
  • Jamal, T.; Mendes, Paulo
    inProc. of : ACCESS 2011. (-, 2011)
  • Freire, P.; Ribeiro, R.
    inProc. of : Conferencia CAPSI 2013. (-, 2013)
    Num mundo de dispositivos m{\'{o}}veis ub{\'{\i}}quos, desenvolver a mesma aplica{\c c}{\~{a}}o para cada plataforma m{\'{o}}vel pode ser uma tarefa economicamente desgastante, mesmo para o Estado. A solu{\c c}{\~{a}}o ...
  • Moreira, Waldir; Mendes, Paulo
    inProc. of : inProc. CRC 2010, Braga, Portugal.. (Universidade do Minho, 2010)
    Despite the need for being always on and the density of currently deployed wireless networks, connectivity is still not fully available due to the existence of several dark areas in urban networks. We can find areas with ...
  • Moreira, Waldir; Mendes, Paulo
    inProc. of : Proceedings of the 8th IEEE WoWMoM Workshop on Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications (AOC 2014). (-, June 2014)
    Abstract: Information-Centric Networking (ICN) has gained increasing attention from the research community as it is able to improve content dissemination by releasing the dependency on content location. With the current ...
  • Moreira, Waldir; Mendes, Paulo; Sargento, S.
    inProc. of : inProc. Adhocnets 2013. (-, 2013)
    Nowadays, routing proposals must deal with a panoply of heterogeneous devices, intermittent connectivity, and the users' constant need for communication, even in rather challenging networking scenarios. Thus, we propose a ...
  • Moreira, Waldir; Ferreira, R.; Cirqueira, D.; Mendes, Paulo; Cerqueira, E.
    inProc. of : in Proc. of ACM LCDNET. (-, Sep 2013)
    Despite of the importance of access to computers and to the Internet for the development of people and their inclusion in society, there are people that still su er with digital di- vide and social exclusion. Delay/Disru ...
  • Amah, T. E.; Kamat, M.; Bakar, K. A.; Moreira, Waldir; Oliveira Junior, A.; Batista, M. A.
    inProc. of : inProc. of IEEE WoWMoM Workshop on Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications 2016 (AOC 2016), pp 1-5. DOI: 10.1109/WoWMoM.2016.7523583. (IEEE, 2016)
    The current Internet design falls short in scenarios characterized by intermittent connectivity and absence of supporting infrastructure. Pocket switched networking allows communication between portable handheld user devices ...
  • Godwin, Asaamoning; Mendes, Paulo
    inProc. of : inProc. IEEE WiMob MobiEdge workshop 2018. (IEEE, 2018-09-16)
    The Internet-of-Things represent a future trend of the Internet, in which massive numbers of net- worked objects are assumed to have the capability of sharing data collected through sensing activities. It is envisioned ...
  • Moreira, Waldir; Souza, M.; Mendes, Paulo; Sargento, S.
    inProc. of : -. (-, July 2012)
    There has been an eff ort to employ social similarity inferred from user mobility patterns in opportunistic routing solutions to improve forwarding. However, the dynamics of the networks are still not fully considered when ...
  • Rosa, P.J.; Esteves, F.; Arriaga, P.
    inProc. of : Actas del VII Congresso de la Sociedad Espa{\~{n}}ola de Psicofisiologia Y Neurociencia Cognitiva y Afectiva, In VII Congresso de la Sociedad Espa{\~{n}}ola de Psicofisiologia Y Neurociencia Cognitiva y Afectiva, Valencia. (-, 2010)

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