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C-Brain #76: Empowering wireless users with recommendations and teleco providers with data analytics

Show simple item record Papadopouli, M. 2016-11-04T17:12:49Z 2016-11-04T17:12:49Z June 2015
dc.identifier.citation C-BRAIN Series 2014/2015
dc.description.abstract Wireless access markets become larger, more heterogeneous, and more diverse. Users are differentiated even more by their profile, their demand and quality of experience (QoE) requirements. The large size of these markets and networking environment hinders many analysis and computation complexity challenges. We have developed a multi-layer game-theoretical modeling framework and simulation platform to analyze large-scale markets, networks, and services. The framework applies queuing theory, clustering algorithms, and network economics. Novel aggregation and dimensionality reduction methods address the scalability and accuracy tradeoffs and requirements. Using this framework, we have analyzed the competition in oligopolies, price algorithms, and provisioning of various services (e.g., subscriptions vs. short-term leases). We have also developed the u-map system, a user-centric reviewing system based on the crowd-sourcing/sensing paradigm. A u-map client enables the smartphone to collect network measurements during a service. Users can also provide opinion scores about their telecommunication services. These objective and subjective measurements are uploaded to a geo-database server. The u-map system models the QoE for different services (e.g., VoIP, video streaming) by applying various advanced machine-learning algorithms. The u-map server provides recommendations to users about wireless operators and service providers. Data analytics can be also applied for churn rate prediction/avoidance, learning about customers, new services planning, and market refinements. The u-map server could run in a cloud-computing environment and can be employed jointly with the modeling framework and simulation platform for better understanding the market, monitoring the infrastructure, and highly efficient resource usage/management. The u-map paradigm has been generalized and used in other domains, such as water distribution networks and medical services/applications. This talk will present the main results of these research activities.
dc.title C-Brain #76: Empowering wireless users with recommendations and teleco providers with data analytics

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