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C-Brain #75: Context is everywhere, but how do we get to measure it?

Show simple item record Mehu, M. 2016-11-04T17:12:50Z 2016-11-04T17:12:50Z June 2015
dc.identifier.citation C-BRAIN Series 2014/2015
dc.description.abstract In recent years, context has imposed itself as one of the most important variables to explain the meaning and function of social behavior. Although the recognition of situational characteristics as major players in our everyday actions has shaped the fields of social and personality psychology, very few attempts have been made to specify context in a systematic way. The lack of a coding system for the analysis of situations is most probably due to the absence of a unified framework for the field of social and personality psychology. Recent theoretical insights in evolutionary psychology may help develop a systematic approach to contextual analysis, as the investigation of individual's goals and motivational structures are directly relevant to opportunities and threats present in the physical and the social environments. In this talk, I will introduce an evolutionary informed classification of contexts. This talk will also pave the way towards the elaboration of a coding system for contextual information based on inter-relations between temporal, spatial, and motivational factors.
dc.title C-Brain #75: Context is everywhere, but how do we get to measure it?

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