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  • Lopes, Luis Amaral; Aponte, Omar; Sofia, Rute C.
    inProc. of : COPE-SITI-SW-16-10. (COPELABS/ULHT, 2016-08)
  • Lopes, Luis Amaral; Aponte, Omar; Sofia, Rute C.
    inProc. of : COPE-SITI-SW-16-08, Mobicom2016 app contest. (COPELABS/ULHT, Senception Lda, 2016-04)
    DdicasM is a mobile application that offers low cost advertisement based on your roaming habits, and preferred areas: your local promotions available anywhere, anytime! Available for Android and iPhone! https://www ...
  • Gamito, Pedro; Oliveira, Jorge
    inProc. of : COPE-SITI-SW-16-08. (COPELABS/ULHT,, 2016-05)
    The Systemic Lisbon Battery (SLB) is a virtual reality/serious games platform that consists of a multipurpose environment for cognitive assessment and training. This environment consists of a virtual town including several ...
  • Oliveira Jr, Antonio; C. Sofia, Rute (COPELABS/ULHT, 2012-09)
  • Moreira Jr, Waldir; Mendes, Paulo (COPELABS/ULHT, 2012-09)
  • Batista, Bruno; Mendes, Paulo (CCNxCON2012, Sophia-Antipolis, France, 2012-09)
  • Ballester, Carlos; Seigneur, Jean-Marc; di Francesco, Paolo; Moreno, Valentin; Sofia, Rute C.; Bogliolo, Alessandro; Martins, Nuno
    inProc. of : inProc. 2013 IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS), pp 9-10, April 2013. DOI: 10.1109/INFCOMW.2013.6970754. (IEEE Infocom 2013, 2013-04)